Teaching & harp lessons

I offer lessons for both the harp and for theory & aural tuition.

I have been playing the harp for 20 years (since I was 7) and have received extensive training in harp, theory & aural, and pedagogy in Europe. I build my plans for students based on these experiences and try to customise my teaching for each student individually, whilst ensuring a consistent progression. I also teach in accordance with the AMEB Harp and Theory, Musicianship and Music Craft syllabus levels.


When learning an instrument, particularly for children or beginners, it is vital to also learn and improve your theory and aural skills. Often, too much emphasis is placed on learning the instrument, and little attention is given to understanding how the music is constructed, or how to understand the music. This is why I offer three different plans for learning:

  1. Stand-alone harp lessons, pre-existing knowledge of music reading and rhythm is recommended but not essential, in 30-, 45- or 60-minute units.

  2. A harp lesson and theory/aural lesson taught individually (preferably on two separate days) with theory/aural lessons being 45-minutes.

  3. Either individual or group* theory/aural lessons, suitable for all instrument learners.

*Group lessons are for 2 or more students with the same level of knowledge.

If you would like to arrange a lesson, please feel free to write or call me on my contacts page here.

Prices for lessons are as follows:

  • Stand-alone harp lessons:

    • 30-minutes: $40

    • 45-minutes: $60

    • 60-minutes: $80.

  • Harp and theory/aural lessons (one harp and one 45-minute theory/aural lesson per week):

    • 30-minutes harp lesson: $70

    • 45-minutes harp lesson: $90

    • 60-minutes harp lesson: $120.

  • Individual theory/aural lessons:

    • 45-minutes: $60.

  • For group theory/aural lessons, please contact me.